Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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How to withdraw cash from ATM faster and avoid queuing up

As much as I do, I know you also hate to withdraw cash from ATMs with lots of people queuing. This is getting normal especially in malls and other crowded establishments and much more if your bank is one of the biggest bank in the Philippines like BPI and BDO etc.

The good thing is there is absolutely a free and easy way on how we can avoid this long ATM lines and withdraw directly from the free and shorter queue ATM like Security Bank!
People queuing to withdraw cash from BPI and BDO ATMs 
In order for us to avoid long queues in getting our cash from ATMs, of course we must choose banks which are not yet used by many people, but there's a compromise with that, you might end up paying so much fees when withdrawing cash from other bank right?

The good news is that there is actually a service, an online wallet or virtual wallet which enables you to add funds online using various major banks in the Philippines such as BDO, BPI, Security Bank, and Union Bank and other easy choices of cash-in options for FREE! It's called, here's my review about and a guide on how you can sign-up.

Coins.PH, a company founded in the Philippines which enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone.
So what now if you can cash-in from your major bank into your virtual peso wallet?

Did I told you that you can withdraw cash from your wallet for free using Security Bank ATMs? Just look at the photo above, there's no one queuing up to get cash from a security bank ATM while other major banks has all the queues.

Why would you endure queuing up if there's a way to get away with it and it's absolutely free? The reason maybe why we love to endure long queues just to get money from our bank's ATM is because there's no charge when we use them, because as we know it, of course the 10+ peso inter-banking withdrawal charge of other banks is already a savings, right? But with, it's just a finger tip away and you're done with the long queue.

That is just one of the convenient services provided by and there's a whole lot more such as paying your utility bills, internet and broadband, credit cards, tuition fees, buy loads of Smart, TNT, Globe, TM or Sun, send money thru any major money remittances in the Philippines and many many more to explore, wait, there's actually a bonus from when you invite someone to sign-up and get ID verified, this is the only company who gaves away cash to both the invited and the referrer as incentives for inviting someone, and the 24 pesos reward for both isn't bad. (Update: They are giving 50 pesos already and not 24 pesos! Wow.)

You're free to register without using any referral though, but you will not be receiving the 50 pesos reward. So better use my referral code so we both receive 50 pesos. You can read more from other sources if this information is not enough :)

PS: My referral code is mljar9 or click this link directly


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