Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Sending money to your family for free? Yes with Coins.PH

Receipt from Security Bank Cardless ATM withdrawal

Do you know how convenient and easy it is to send money to your family and love ones for free? I have been experimenting about the services is offering for like a couple of months now, and I'm quiet impressed by the convenience it gives to me especially that I can send money to anyone who's near a Security Bank ATM for free!

Forget about the cheapest pera padala like Pawnshops or money remittances who's charging as low as 15 pesos for every 500, 30 for a thousand pesos and if I did sent this 2,000 pesos transaction with these money remittances, it could have cost me an extra fee of 60 pesos at least and even a hundred peso fee in other money transfers.

So why am I sharing this? Because why not? Who doesn't want to save money? Who doesn't want to save that 100 pesos fee everytime you send couple of thousand pesos to your family? This is just so amazing and convenient and you don't even need to line up in money remittances to send your money, it's just a tap away from your smartphones and you're good to go, plus a whole lot of services you can choose from and they have a whole lot of partner establishments too. So far, only Security Bank is offering the Cardless ATM Withdrawal and hope they'll be partnering with more banks soon for this Cardless Withdrawal (Cardless withdrawal is a withdrawal which doesn't need an ATM Card and even if you don't have account to that bank! All you need is the reference number from the Transaction and the Pass Code from the Sender and you're good to go and get the cash at any ATM that accepts Coins.PH Cardless ATM Withdrawal) 

The Free and Cardless ATM withdrawal of is just one of their many services. One service I also like is the mobile phone reloading which gives you 5% reward for every load transaction you make, and I'd also love to try their bills payment which lets you pay your tuition fees, utilities credit card and more (though I haven't tried the bills payment)

They have also partnered with BDO, 7/11 and others to make their wallet reloading easier and convenient, and of course FREE! I love freebies! I usually use BDO Online Banking to load my account or use 7/11 because, yeah you know it, it's FREEEEEEE! Navigate here if you'd like to know how to add money to your Wallet Accounts using BDO Online Banking

Before I forgot, keep in mind that if you want to get the 24 pesos reward when you sign up and get ID Verified by, register via this referral link so both of us can get the reward, they won't give the 24 pesos reward if you sign up without the referral.

The more the merrier so sign up via this link.


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