Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Starting your Wallet Account: Is trustworthy? Is it a scam?

Screenshot of my Account in Android App

There's a whole lot of scams in the world today and it's getting more advanced than ever because we're not the only one upgrading technologically, so as the bad guys out there whose aim to to get money and valuables from people in an easy way, so it's always good to ask and search about the companies that offers services especially when it involves money.

Recently, around May 2016, I've stumbled upon a friend's Facebook post about and its rewards when a registered user invites someone to join and get verified, both users will be rewarded and will receive 24 pesos each. Not bad, right? That's just one of the many rewards they're giving when you join

You can also be a load retailer of any networks such as Globe/TM, Smart/TNT or Sun Cellular and get 5% back for each of your transaction, pay bills and get 5 pesos for every transaction and even when you get verified, you'll instantly receive 2.00 pesos. (I got my 2.00 pesos already! See below)

But of course, before getting verified, I search about if this service is really trustworthy. Amazingly, I guess it is so I started trying the available services to know how it works.

I have a BDO Account and I have also set up my BDO Account for BDO Online Banking. Luckily, also partners with BDO so I tried adding money to my Wallet Account via BDO Online Banking.

I tried adding 100 pesos to try it. And it worked! It's almost real time! Just about 5 minutes after transferring the money from my BDO Online Banking Account, it's already credited to my Wallet. Amazing! Of course that's one of the reasons why we love going to the internet right? We want instant!

Overall, yes, I can trust, and currently, I and my girlfriend used this service to transfer money for free.

I'm using to transfer money because it's free when you deposit using 7/11 for 100 or less per transaction. 100 pesos and above has fee so better break down your deposits.

Currently, that's what in our Wallet is.

If you're ready to try, register by clicking from my referral link here: so we both receive 24 pesos.

It's OK of you'll directly register to site but you won't be able to receive 24 pesos though after you get verified because it goes hand-in-hand, if you register via a referral code, the referrer will get a reward so as you.

There's a lot of services available at such as withdrawing cash from Security Bank ATM without using ATM Card or without having an account, adding and sending money via various partners such as Palawan Express, LBC, etc., feel free to browse the internet to learn more.


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