Saturday, July 23, 2016

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How to add money to your wallet account using BDO

Be sure you already know the basics of and have already registered an account. If you are not a registered user yet, you can navigate here for your guide on how to start your CoinsPH Account or if you're ready to go then register here in CoinsPH Website so we both receive 24.00 reward from team. In case you decide  to register directly to site, no worries it will still perfectly works but you can't receive 24 peso reward once you get verified, neither I.

So, today I'm gonna be personally sharing my experience and knowledge on how to add money to you wallet account using BDO Online Banking and will be giving you real samples and screenshots in a step-by-step way. This is based on my hands-on experience with, so you don't worry too much.

The very first step is of course you should have already registered to, and this tutorial only covers BDO Online Banking.

To get started, login to your App or to site and then tap or click on the "Add Money" icon. For Mobile App, tap on the "Add" icon and then choose "Add Money" as you can see in the provided screenshot below.

Next thing we should do is to choose how would we deposit the money. There are man ways to desposit our money, depending on our location. In Hong Kong they have Cash-in via BitFX ATMs, while in the Philippines there's a lot to choose from, you can deposit through Online Banking, GCash or thru Bank Deposit. Because we're adding money using BDO Online Banking, we'll choose "Bank Deposit, Online Banking or GCash"

Next we'll have to choose from a bunch of methods such as Department Stores, Globe GCash, Online Bank Transfer, Reittance etc.. So let's go with "Online Bank Transfer"

And then we'll be presented with the following available outlets such as BDO Online Banking, BDO Online Banking via DragonPay, BPI Express Mobile Banking, BPI Express Online, Security Bank Online, and union Bank of the Philippines Online Banking, so let's proceed and use the "BDO Online Banking," honestly I don't know about the other one--the BDO with DragonPay thingy.

We'll now iput the amount to be deposited using this outlet. I just deposited 1,000.00 pesos lately so I can give you screenshot. If you noticed, there is 10.00 pesos Coins fee, so the total amount you'll gonna transfer from your BDO Account is 1,010.00 pesos. But don't worry, you don't lose that 10.00 pesos because will give that back to your account after it is creditted to your Wallet Account.

If you are good with your amount, you can proceed by tapping the "Place Order Button

You'll then be given the complete details of your transaction with the instructions on how to complete the payment. You can now proceed to BDO Online Banking Site or use your BDO Online Banking Mobile App to complete the payment by transfering money from your Bank Account. Make it sure you got the Account Number right, or just copy-and-paste the Account Number to avoid mistyping.

Don't worry if you haven't copied the details above because will also send you email and an SMS for the details of the transaction.

Now time for us to make a deposit to complete the process. Navigate to BDO Mobile Banking App or their web site at and follow the steps on how you can send money to any BDO account. Don't forget to mark your transaction paid after the BDO transaction.

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