Saturday, November 19, 2016

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How I earn 5% Profit in just a month investing Bitcoin in the Philippines using Coins.PH

I was able to grow my money up to 5.2% in just a month. Imagine if I have more extra money and invested let's say just 50,000 pesos back then, so it means I would have 2,500 in just a month! And do you know how much is Bitcoin - PHP now? The Bitcoin exchange rate to Philippine peso is at 36,500 pesos for 1 Bitcoin! If I didn't pulled out my 2K pesos then, today its value grew up to 35%. It's insane.
Nobody said it's this easy to invest in Bitcoin. It's as risky as investing in the stock market such as buying stocks at low price and selling them when the price is high enough for you to profit.

In early 2016, I've discovered Coins.PH and I've been using it to transfer money because of their very easy and very accessible Card less ATM withdrawal which enables me to send money to anyone for free using Security Bank, another use of CoinsPH for me is buying mobile loads and earn actual rebate, so it's kinda useful for me, plus, they also have various remittance partners which enables me to send money without going to or queuing in the money remittance, it's just there one tap away in my smartphone and I'm good to go.

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I didn't really mind about the convert to Bitcoin feature in the Coins.PH App, but in late August, I've discovered this feature and actually tried it if I can do something and earn profit from it.
Like what I've said, it's just like buy and sell of currency, exchanging it from peso to bitcoin, just like buying dollar and selling it when the price is high, Bitcoin is a virtual currency so it works like that, very simple. During that time, the cost when you buy 1 Bitcoin is 26,000 pesos and there's about 800 pesos difference when you sell them.

Today, I only have 350 pesos worth Bitcoin left and is constantly growing. Just a small money but who would not love to see their money grows? Instead of putting it in piggy bank which will just simply sit there without growing, i'd just buy Bitcoins from it instead.

Coins.PH is just one of the many websites that accepts Bitcoin and lets you sell, buy or transfer them worldwide without any fee, they are one of the many ways on how we can buy and sell Bitcoins, they're like Bitcoin markets which lets you see live Bitcoin price as it goes up or down.

Although I don't know if they have a feature which enables users to see Bitcoin price history with some historical graph, I hope they will have feature like this soon for us to monitor live graphs and charts and also historical presentations of its price. Would also be useful if they add a feature in their app which lets us monitor prices for our constant information.

Check out on how can you sign-up to Coins.PH, start your account and use its services and features like Bitcoin investing. It's easy and accessible especially that they have various partners to add funds to your CoinsPH wallet, like BDO, 7/11 and more.


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