Sunday, July 17, 2016

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Adding money to your Wallet Account thru BDO Online Banking

NOTE: no longer accepts BDO as a Cash-in method as of this update Sept 8, 2017

There's a whole lot of ways on how we can add money to our account such as cash deposits in banks or through ATM deposits, Globe GCash, Online Banking such as BPI Express Online or BPI Express Mobile Banking, BDO Online Banking, Security Bank Online, Union Bank of the Philippines Online Banking, Money Remittances such as M Lhullier,  using 7/11 branches and more.
Screen Grab from web app with its featured partners
Today, I'm going to show you in a step-by-step process on how we can use BDO Online Banking to add money to oir accounts.

Using BDO Online Banking to deposit money in account is very convenient because it's real-time and is very affordable at just about 10 pesos for every transaction (based on my experience having added money to using BDO Online Banking).

The transaction fee is given to you anyway so transacting thru BDO Online Banking is free technically. For you to believe that free fee, I'll show you the confirmation message of giving me the refund of the Coins Fee in BDO Online Banking.

Here are the steps on how to add money on your wallet account using BDO Online Banking:

1. Click on "Add Money" in the menu

2. Choose your desired way on how you will deposit, this time, we'll click on "Online Bank Transfer"

3. Choose "BDO Online Banking" on the payment method selection

4. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step

5. Input "Amount" as to how much would you like to add in your wallet, then click on "Next" if you are sure with the amount to proceed and to get the BDO Account Number where you can send the money.

6. Copy the "Account Number" provided and proceed to BDO Online Banking and pay the requested amount

It's important to copy-and-paste this Account Number to avoid typing mistake. You can also review the details of your "add money" request, anyway you can always cancel it, doesn't charge you for cancellation of requests.

If you have seen the fee that's 10.00 for this transaction, don't worry it's gonna be refunded and it's gonna go to the receiver account. If you're just loading your account, it's technically given back to you, but if you're expecting someone to transfer money to your account using their BDO Online Banking Accounts, they're the one paying the 10 pesos fee and is given to you, so you now have extra 10 pesos. will also send you email or sms notification regarding your transaction so you can always check it in your registered email, see screenshot below. email notification after placing your add money order with your order summary on how much money will you receive and the fee for that particular transaction.

The next thing you should do is to learn how to use BDO Online Banking System to Complete the process on adding money to your wallet account or if you have been requested by someone to transfer money to their respective Account.


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