Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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How to earn 50 pesos just by inviting someone to sign up? is constantly surprising its users with great feature addition every now and then, and just recently, the 24 pesos referral reward is now up at 50 pesos both the referrer and the referred user.
Nope, I'm not the one giving you 50 pesos, it's actually :)
Although the referral reward isn't that easy to get because the referred user needs to get their ID and Selfie verified before they both get the 50 pesos, but it isn't bad for just inviting someone to join, anyway there's no other company or start up I know in the Philippines who's giving away that amount to their users.

Here's something to remember before signing up to

  • If you're a new user and haven't signed up yet, you can get the 50 pesos signing up reward if and only if you have used a referral code during your sign up.
  • It's still fine to sign up without using someone's referral code, but you will only get 2 pesos (dalawang piso) as your sign in bonus after getting your ID and Selfie verification.
  • If you sign up using my (or someone's) referral code, you and I will both receive 50 pesos when you get your ID and Selfie verified
  • After you get verified, you can then use your referral code to invite your friends and earn your own bonus.
So it's better to use referral codes when signing up so you can maximize the incentives given by
Update: The 50 pesos reward is only until January 31, 2017
If you are now interested to sign up to Coins using my code, just click this link or use the code by copying and pasting mljar9


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