Friday, January 13, 2017

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52-Week Saving Challenge Calculator

If some of you who are still puzzled on how to calculate your total savings after completing the 52-week saving challenge, here's a quick spreadsheet for your reference for a number of amounts starting at 5 pesos.

It's easier and better to do it in spreadsheets because you can just define a sequence like just put 5 on the first row, then 10 on the second row, highlight the two, then drag the lower-right handle down to automatically create the sequence. The spreadsheet will do that for you automatically.

The formula is simple, the amount you choose to save weekly is multiplied by the order of the week, so since there are a total of 52 weeks in one year, the amount you save per week is multiplying. If you choose to save 10 pesos per week, then you will have to save 10 pesos in the first week, 20 pesos on the second week and so on until the 52nd week which you must put up utmost 260 pesos on your piggy bank.


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