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Pluggle Review: A comprehensive compilation of reviews about Pluggle and How Pluggle Works

I've written about my 6 Reasons Why I Won't Join Pluggle and Why I'm Skeptical of it so if you want to read on that just follow that link.
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Here, I want to give you a comprehensive compilation of reviews Pluggle received online on various platforms to help you decide on your take about Pluggle.

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt so I will be including PRO or ANTI reviews in this compilation.

A Detailed Explanation on How it is Not Possible to Earn in Pluggle without Inviting

The "PRO" Side Pluggle Reviews

1. Pluggle Review: How to Make Money From Pluggle [Legit?] from - A typical testimonial review. The reviewer offers his referral link if you want to sign up. Also, What caught my attention was the reviewer's statements on how Pluggle caught their attention, and I quote:
"So, how did it catch [sic] my attention?
It caught my attention when I saw the name itself “Pluggle“.
By the time I visited their site, I noticed that their logo is similar to Google. I was really curious about it, and I can’t help but to register." ~
2. Pluggle Facebook Reviews - A lot of the people who reviewed Pluggle in Facebook at pro reviews especially those who gave 5 stars and maybe have already profited from their investments, just read on them because there are many of them and are typical testimonial-like reviews who never doubts as long as they can get their ROI and profit.

The "ANTI" Side Pluggle Reviews

1. How Pluggle System Works To Make Money Online – Pluggle Review from - Reviewer gave a detailed explanation on how members of Pluggle earns and the reviewer seems PRO from the start and is not completely against the system. He gave 80% verdict to Pluggle because of the signs he enumerated on why he think Pluggle is a scam.
"Kaya ang verdict ko dito sa pluggle na’to ay 80%. Dahil nga po sa mga nakita kong mga sinyalis na katulad ng isang scam na system.
Ano ba ang mga sinyalis?
Pag-tingnan niyo po ng mabuti ang kanilang website at sa ngayon sa pagsusulat kong ito, ay wala tayong makikitang name ng may-ari, legal documents, complete address at ang mga contact information.
Lahat ng mga iyan po ay mga pagpatunay, na ang may ari ay nagtatago upang sa ganon hindi siya makilala at hahabolin kung sakaling mag stop ang kanyang sistema. Sa ganong klasing website na wala ka pong makikita kung hahapin mo ang may-ari at hindi siya nagpakilala at kung taga saan siya, may kutob po ako na may plano siyang maging scam ang kanyang system sa huling pagkakataoon na marami na siyang naiipon.
Kaya, advice niyo po na sana magpakilala na kung sino ang may-ari kasali ang kanyag mga contact information kapag itong system na’to ay talagang hindi scam." ~ AlrenPages.COM
2.  Mikael Francisco's Pluggle FB Page Review - A very critical review on Pluggle's Facebook page. I like what he said "a business practically designed to collapse in on itself, with everything to promise and everyone to fool" because as far as my observation is concerned, the reviewer is right. I enumerated on my review the things I'm skeptical about Pluggle and as long as they are as cloudy as they are in Pluggle, this business model isn't really sustainable.
"Great job preying on people looking for a quick buck, in what is probably the absolute last nation in the world to need a pyramiding scheme like this. A "business" practically designed to collapse in on itself, with everything to promise and everyone to fool. The people who are currently earning from this unsustainable "business" "opportunity" may be ready to leap to your defense, but when this stops making money for them, watch them become the first ones to gnash their teeth and want to wring your neck for this. Brilliant work, "Alexis Palma." I wonder how you can sleep soundly at night, if you even do" ~ Mikael Francisco Reviewed Pluggle on Facebook
3. Pluggle Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Just Another Scam? from - Not very critical about Pluggle. On the first look I thought this is a pro review. I think the reviewer is also into MLM companies but didn't join Pluggle yet because he didn't offer any referral link. His verdict on Pluggle reads:
"With no real products or services to offer, this company has no way to continually bring in new income other than recruiting new affiliates…
But what happens when the initial hype dies down and recruitment numbers drop off?
Commissions will also decrease and affiliates will start losing money as their investments remain the same, but the ROI drops…
So, if you are thinking of joining this company, keep this in mind…" ~
4. Pluggle Review – Is This The Opportunity You’ve Been Searching For? from - Reviewer is critical on Pluggle because he think a legitimate MLM company should always offer products and services for affiliates to market and sell and not just sell affiliate membership as a product. I also shared on my review why Pluggle's advertising is crap and nonesense like what the reviewer did here. Read on his conclusions on his review with Pluggle:
"There are a number of things I really don’t like about this opportunity. For starters they are trying to give the impression with their logo that they have something to do with Google. This is not the case at all.
On their website there is a list of companies that Pluggle supposedly works with though their advertising – this is nonsense.
This is nothing more than a pyramid recruitment scheme which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone."
5. Pluggle Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System? from - Reviewer gathered information and details so people can make informed decision as per stated on his review. Reviewer also reiterated that they are not affiliates or distributor for Pluggle. Reviewer warns that people must stay as far away as possible with Pluggle.
"A quick glance at Pluggle’s logo will quickly make it clear that the company is trying to ripoff Google.
Pluggle is trying to sell the idea that it exists within the niche of advertising, and there are a host of logos for legit businesses on the Pluggle website that are supposedly involved with it.
In reality, this is not the case.
There’s no mention of advertising through the Pluggle compensation plan, and the only thing that affiliates spend their time doing is recruiting more and more people to join.
As a result, this has Pluggle operating as a pyramid scheme.
Like you’ll find with all pyramid schemes, Pluggle will be no more once recruitment activity eventually dies down. Most people will end up losing out, and only Alexis Palma will earn anything of value.
In other words, this is scheme that you’ll want to stay as far away from as possible.~


Pluggle review online especially pro reviews with detailed and evidence-based explanations are hard to find that's why I have only listed a few of them because most of the pro reviews are in Facebook page, a whole lot of them and also other reviews are testimonials on how they earned and didn't touched much on the legitimate questions thrown against Pluggle. I want to see how will they answer those legitimate questions against Pluggle but as far as I'm concerned, pro reviews on Pluggle are also Pluggle affiliates who are also trying to convince you to join using their referral links.

On the other hand, critical reviews talks more on the doubtful claims of Pluggle and doesn't offer referral links for you to sign up. They talk more on the signs why they think Pluggle is a scam and doesn't operate on what it describes them to be.

PS: If you know more PRO or ANTI reviews please comment below so I can add them on this comprehensive list of Pluggle reviews to help others make an informed decision about Pluggle.


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