Monday, October 2, 2017

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How Pluggle Works: How Can I Earn Without Inviting Others?

Before joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company like Pluggle, it is important to know how the systems works and examine if it can really benefit you and whether the system is worth your every peso.
Image Source: Pluggle's FB Page
I supposed you have done your part in researching about Pluggle and reading reviews including pro and anti reviews, that will help you make an informed decision if you have not yet join the Pluggle craze and help you contemplate if you have paid Pluggle to activate your Pluggle account.

so you can decide whether Pluggle is a scam or legit

Let's get to the point, the question is can you really earn in Pluggle without inviting others? I am very sorry but the answer is a very big and bold NO as in NOPE and YOU CAN'T and I'm gonna explain why.

The Php 100 pesos Login Bonus is not yet an Earning

You were very excited to know that Pluggle gives you a shining 100 pesos per day by just logging into your Pluggle account right? Who doesn't love that bonus? You can't find any company even the richest internet company like Google giving away their users 100 pesos per day just to login, yeah?

Only Pluggle gives you that, and they call it "your earnings" and "a way to earn in Pluggle" but guess what, as long as you can't exchange that so-called earning with money or you can't use that earning to buy something, I guess it's not yet an earning? Am I wrong?

If you think it's already an earning, think again and ask yourself if you can already cash-out your 1,200 (12 days login bonus) in Pluggle?

Oh by the way I almost forgot the 100 pesos sign up bonus. So, without doing anything and without inviting someone to join you said you have earned in Pluggle a total of 1,300 pesos with your 1,000 pesos investment to buy the Pluggle activation code? Yes? OK I believe in you, yeah let's call it your earning.

Well, the truth is you have already gave your 1,000 pesos to the owner of Pluggle and their net worth increase a thousand but the so-called earning you boast is, well, actually just numbers in your account, yeah you're right your 1,300 so-called "earnings" are just numbers in the database of Pluggle and never will it be an earning to you, at least as of the moment.

Now, what's the choice left for you? Can you enumerate "ways to earn in Pluggle" at this time without inviting? Let's see this list of ways on how you can earn in Pluggle:
  • SignUp Bonus - you're done with this
  • Personal Login Bonus - also done
  • Group Login Bonus - need invitation
  • Follow Bonus  - need invitation
  • Levelling Bonus - need invitation
  • Pairing Bonus - need invitation
 Nope, nothing is left.

The only way left for you is invite someone at least 2 people to be one of you and of course let them pay a couple of thousand to Pluggle owner for you to get your investment and the story goes on to the next person you have convinced to pay Pluggle, don't worry, I know you only worry to yourself and how you can get your 1,000 pesos back, plus a profit, isn't it?

So You have invited 2 People to Join, Can You now Earn? Let's See

After inviting two person, the owner got 3,000 pesos from the three of you and you now have the following Pluggle "earnings":
  • 100 - sign up bonus
  • 1,200 - 12 days login bonus (if you have completed the 12 days)
  • 200 - 100 each for the person you have invited and activated the account
  • 400 - leveling bonus for your left and right
All in all you earn 1,900 pesos.

And oh! According to their FAQs, you can also earn 60 pesos bonus every time your underline logs in (group login bonus) but... your personal and login bonus should not exceed 1,300 pesos so granting you got the maximum, your total earning is now 2,000 pesos (if my understanding is right about their maximum earnings in personal login and group login bonus).

Thank God the hope is near.

2 Ways To Earn in Pluggle

Based on my understanding, there are only two ways to earn in Pluggle or 2 ways on how you can exchange your "earnings" into cash.

You can cash out your Pluggle earnings or use it to buy codes and sell to others who have not activated their account.

So you now want to get out of the scheme so you decided to just get your money and cash out all your Pluggle earning. The sad thing is the minimum amount to cash out is 2,500 pesos, which means your 2,000 pesos earnings isn't enough. Yeah they call it "safetynet" in their FAQs
"Ito ay isa sa safety feature (safetynet) ng program, para hindi malugi at masustain ang malaking payouts nito habang dumadami ang members"
Anyway, you have no choice but to buy codes which you can sell to people who wants to join. The codes, which are just unique numbers generated by Pluggle will be sold to you in exchange for your "earnings" and the only way for you to convert that to cash is sell that to others, which means they might also be your invitees.

You're safe now. Congratulations!

With your 1,000 pesos, you have doubled your money, in just about??? I don't know how long would it take for you to convince all in all 4 people to join Pluggle and the long story continues to the 4 you have invited. 

If they don't succeed in doing what you have done so far (invite 4 people to join Pluggle to get their money back plus profit), will they blame you for it?

Interesting question, I hope they won't blame you for their 1,000 pesos and I pray Pluggle won't get struck by the government regulators so that the 3 people you have invited can invite 4 other people to get their "investment" back.

Remember before you were able to get your 1,000 back plus 1,000 profit, Pluggle's owner got 3,000 pesos from the three of you which means he hadn't lose money with your profit. Both of you did get a profit to the expense of others. The difference is owner's profit is of course higher than you 200% Have you realized that?
Be careful. Your dignity is more than a thousand pesos. Don't bite easy-money schemes with doubtful claims especially those faceless and anonymous owners.


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