Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Updated List of Cebu Pacific Promo and Piso Fare

Click here if you want to see promos of Cebu Pacific right from their website.

The only reliable source of looking for flight promos like piso fare of Cebu Pacific is by looking at their own website and not trusting other sources. I won't list all their promos here myself because the promos changes more quicker like they end 2 or 3 days and then replaced by other promos so this might get unreliable.

My advise to you is head over to cebu pacific's website and look if there is currently a promotion and some other promo codes or the next month like December which is a very busy month and then take note of the "Travel Period" indicated so that it can fit your next travel schedule, that is the most important thing to do when looking for cheap flights, also take a look at the end date of the promo so you can avail their discounted ticket while it's not too busy, avoid booking 11th hours as the website might be slow due to heavy traffic.

I have embedded here their website so we can have the most updated lists of promos. Click here to go to Cebu Pacific's Most Updated List of Promo Fares.

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