Sunday, January 15, 2017

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How to Book Cebu Pacific Flight Online [Step-by-step guide with screenshot]

This step-by-step guide on how we can book our Cebu Pacific Flight Online used the new Cebu Pacific Flight Booking website. The new CebuPac website is on beta release as of the moment but the current website will be surely replaced sooner I supposed because the new CebuPac booking site is slick and simple and is more convenient to use.

It's even more convenient to use especially if you are a member of their GetGo program as you may not need to enter all your information during your time of booking, it makes the process quicker and easier especially if you are catching up for the promo flights that can easily be sold out like their piso fare promo for special occasions such as Sinulog festival during January, where they offer Manila to Cebu promos and other major cities where festivals are held, or even Christmas and New Year Promo during December.

The new beta site of Cebu Pacific Air is is accessible here.

How to Book Flights using CebuPac's new Website

1. (Search Flight) - As of the moment, the new website can be accessed at the link above, so head over to their new website link and search for a flight. One thing is noticeable is the tabs above indicating what exactly are you on the booking process, so that's gonna be helpful. This is the step where you define your type of flight, is it a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flight; you will also be defining your flight of origin and destination, date of departure and or return if you chose the round-trip, and the number of people (adult, child, infant) if you are not alone traveling.
2. (Select Flight) - This is the step where you will be selecting the flights trhrough the radio buttons. Also remember that you can still change the dates you have indicated in the firt step by clicking on the gallery of days on the upper center tabs which also indicates the lowest and cheapest cebu pacific flights price on that day (By default, the dates displayed are three days prior and advance to your selected dates so you need to click on the "<" and ">" buttons if you need to see other dates). You have to select two times if you are booking for a round-trip flight. Click on "Continue" Button at the bottom to proceed.

3. (Guest Details) - In their new site, there are two choices, you can continue as GetGo Member or Continue as Guest. If you are not a member of GetGo yet then you should choose continue as guest. Please note that it's more convenient if you're a GetGo member because you don't need to enter all required details, it's pulled our from your account. So since most of us are not GetGo members, let's just choose to continue as guest, enter our Complete Name, Date of Birth, Nationality (just enter Philippines) and or GetGo Number and Click on the "Continue" Button to proceed.

4. (Add-ons) - This is important especially for those who want to book a cheap flights because if you don't know how to get rid of the add-ons, instead of getting the lowest possible price, you might end up paying some add-ons which you may not need (Learn how to make your cebupac booking by removing add-ons). The most helpful in their new booking site is the ability to click on a single link to remove all the default add-ons by clicking on the "proceed without add-ons" at the upper right corner on this step. But if you want to have atleast one add-ons such as baggage, you need to remove each of the add-ons which you may not need to avoid paying expensively in the end.

5. (Payment) - You need to enter a contact person so if you're travelling with companions, you can check the "Use first passenger's information" checkbox and give contact details such as contact number and email address. Please always check and review the flight details such as date and time of the flight, and the origin and destination before you pay so as to avoid any errors which may lead to fees. On this step, you will be choosing what type of payment you will be using, such as Credit Card/ Debit Card or use the more convenient Payment Centers. Now if you chose the Payment Centers, you also have to make a decision if you will "Pay within 24 hours from the time of booking" or "Pay before 11:59PM, Philippine Standard Time." I mostly use the 24 hours since it will give you more time for payment. If you have figured out how you will be paying, you can proceed now by clicking on the "Continue" and wait for the system to give your Booking Reference Number which is needed for your payment and other concerns such as when you rebook your flights etc.
6. (Confirmation) - On this stage, you will be presented with your Booking Reference Number and the Amount Due. This is the last step of the process and you are good to go. Your booking now is on-hold, after paying, you can check out your itinerary in their site here to see if it is confirmed, and you should now have the 6-digit Booking Reference Number now which you can use to check-in online or in the airport.

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