Friday, November 18, 2016

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Trick in booking Cebu Pacific Flight for Less

Okay, I got you, this has also been asked to me by a friend of mine who wants to travel back to the Philippines from Bangkok, she asked me why is it that when she books Cebu Pacific Promo flight, the fare is still expensive where in fact she just saw the promo announcement being posted in the Cebu Pacific website?

She wondered why the ticket price isn't that cheaper as what she saw in the website.

Well, I suspect it was because of the auto-checked charges that were not disabled during the processing of the ticket booking, so I told her to disabled the following auto-selected choices in order for her to make the airfare ticket cheaper and less expensive. Be careful when you book online by yourself, make sure you take an extra eye on them in order for you to save on your next travel with the cheapest airfare rate and the most budget-friendly airline in the country:
  1. Disable/Dis-select the auto-selected Travel Insurance - This auto-selected insurance is hard to see if you're not familiar with the online booking of cebupac, it's hidden in the drop-down small triangular button, so have an extra eye on the insurance thingy, you should disabled them if you don't want to be insured during the travel to save for air ticket.
  2. Don't order meal - By default, there is a selected one meal during the booking, you should disable them if you don't intend to eat and if you want a cheaper airline fare, just pack foods instead, I'm sure it's more worthy and cheap.
  3. Dis-select the baggage - By default, baggage is also selected up to 20KG, that's about 300+ pesos additional on your air fare, if you're travelling light and doesn't carry luggage with you, the free 7KG hand carry will do.
  4. Don't reserve seats yet - If you don't really need a particular seat, don't forget to remove the auto-selected seats, you can always ask the staff during check-in to get seats you want if it's still available for you, or you can check-in yourself so you can choose seats wherever you want for free, don't choose during booking because it's an additional payment.
  5. When booking during promo period like piso fare, have a look at the travel period - This is very important, you might be jumping with joy because the fare now in domestic/local travel just cost a single "piso" but you're wondering why if you start to search in the booking website, nothing piso fare is there to save your day, make sure you're booking the date which are indicated in the promo's travel period.
PS: Last thing to note, being selected the date of travel that's indicated in the promo's travel period doesn't guarantee the same price as indicated in the promo, promo dates are selected only, for example, the promo's travel period indicated December 2016 - March 2017, I'm pretty sure you can't or rarely finds a date in December and January because the fare on that dates are usually skyrocketing. You already knew why, it's Christmas time and it's time to go home to our provinces, they won't give cheaper flights on that for sure.

What you see in the price as you select the date on the first step of booking is already the final price of your ticket. So if there's any variation, you should check if you can still do something about it to make your plane ticket cheaper.


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