Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Reaction Paper for the movie The Count of Monte Cristo

The Second Part of the Reaction Paper on the Count of Monte Cristo Movie.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a great story that helps you to realize how far the reaches of vengeance can really go. When the Count is going around ruining people it seems like he is more of a machine than a person. It seems like he has no emotions and can’t forgive the people who hurt him. Although some people might argue that the people who wronged the Count truly had what was coming to them, some of the Count’s actions could be seen as unnecessary. In the end everyone will be punished or rewarded by God and you shouldn’t be worried about what other people do or say as much as you are worried about yourself.

“God will give me justice,” this line which was engraved in the wall on the prison was retained on my mind when I watched the movie” The Count of Monte Cristo.” This movie amazed me very much because of its excellent theme.I really like the story because it has a mixed of drama, suspense and romance. Furthermore, it was not a boring one to watch. The actors and actresses were superb in portraying their roles especially James Caviezel who portrayed the role of Edmond Dantes. I’m also amazed with the settings of the story. The views are awe-inspiring.

My adrenaline rush got higher because of many exciting scenes. First, was when Edmond Dantes was whipped in the prison by the authorities where he suffered in pain. Second, when another innocent prisoner taught him to write, read and to fence where he became wise and plotted revenge. Thirdly, when he fought with Fernand Mondego because it was very dramatic and it suspends me. I noticed also the rainbow while they are fighting.

After I watched the movie, I remember the two novels of Rizal because it has some similarities. Examples were the following; when Ibarra was abducted and imprisoned, the unending love for Maria Clara, and in El Filibusterismo where Ibarra disguised as Simon and also plotted for revenge. No doubt, why Rizal enjoyed reading the book of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” by Alexander Dumas. And why people tried to made it as a movie.

The lavish scenery, dramatic acting and wonderful score all help make "The Count of Monte Cristo" a film worth watching. Truly, the movie was one of the best movies I watched in my eighteen years of existence and I really love it. I learned in this movie that “trials are not the reasons to give up but inspirations to move on.”


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