Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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English to Manobo Dialect Translation

Someone posted on The Manobo Facebook Group asking for help to translate her oral piece for school and it got me excited because I have not done any translations yet especially tomy native Dialect, Manobo.

Although I am not very fluent in speaking my native tongue, I can still recite and understand most of the words, but I can't guarantee a hundred percent exact terms especially that the dialect I grew up is already mixed with some Visayan terms, and also with the fact that we don't have English equivalent for medical terms and because we just don't use such words.
I kept the spelling based on how we read the words and didn't apply the usual spelling technique of other writers such as replacing "a" (schwa sound) with the letter "e" and sometimes replacing the letter "r" with letter "z" such that the pronunciation of the word "waza" is "wara" and the word "maselem" is "masalam."

So here's my simple translation to this girl's school homework parangraph by parangraph. (I have also kept other words which I don't know the exact translation and also modify other phrases to suit the terms  know.)

ORIGINAL: Good morning everyone. I'm here to discuss about the advantages of going through comprehensive medical examination especially for the women. Comprehensive medical examination promotes wellness and prevention rather than illness and treatment.
Maupiyan masalam kaniyo langon. Kayi ah para ib-pasavot kaniyo sikas mga maupiyan agka-uwit ta amon agpabaya ke ta langonlangon na kad-aha ta lawa ta ilabi na sikanitaw na mga bahe. Sikas langonlangon na kad-aha ta lawa ta ad uwit ta kaayuwan, kana daro way kad-tambar.

ORIGINAL: All women should take this so that the physical and mental health can be checked and make sure that you don't have illness or disease that you're unaware of.

Iyan param is langon na mga bahe na kuwa kayi way iyan kas sitwasyon ta lawa way panghunahuna dan na agka-aha, way wara mga daro na kana agka-aha way kana agkabanayan.

ORIGINAL: This also check your medical history for possible illness or sickness in the past and to know how to prevent or cure them in the future.

Iyan daan haini way agka-aha sikan kas mga daro niyo dangan para agka-tambaran way agka-likayan ta hayan kaasalam.

ORIGINAL: In this way, you can talk about any problems or symptoms you are experiencing and its possible illness so that it can be treated early.

Na iring kayi, agpaka-lalag ke ta mga problema way mga daro na agka-batian ta way mga posible na mga daro a ad-uma kaasalam na agka-tambaran ta sikan guntaan na masayo pa.

ORIGINAL: The following are also important things to consider.

Iyan haiini sikas mga importante na mga butang na ed-saisip taw.

(I kept these words because I can't translate it)

1. Immunisation
2.Check the lifestyle
3. Comprehensive metabolic panel, for kidney liver functions, check for high blood and diabetes
4. Complete blood count, blood test for checking blood and if you have leukaemia , anaemia and uban pa (Kad-aha ta langasa amon duan ke leukaemia, anaemia way duma pa)
6. Lipid profile for heart diseases
7. Thyroid-stimulating hormone for thyroid disorders
8. Audiometry
9. Pulmonary function screening
10. Body composition analysis

ORIGINAL: The main purpose is for early prevention, cure and to maintain healthy lifestyle which is necessary especially women to preserve the population along with its cultural aspect. Thank you for listening. 

Iyan kas purpose kaye so agka-likayan taw way agka-tambaran way agka-maintain taw is kinabuhi ta na importante ta mga bahe way agka-preserba ta sikas population taw way sikan es kultura na aspeto. Marakal na salamat ta kad paminag.


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