Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Someone Asked: "What is communication for you"

Somebody asked me to give my own view and definition of the question "What is communication for you" and give your age and profession. So I'm gonna give a try relating the answer to my profession as an IT guy.

So here it is, I'll give it a spot on my blog. Haha. Just some weird thoughts, but of course I first asked Google about its definition before giving mine so it will go with the flow. Accordingly, communication is the exchange of information so I just added something that popped from my head 😂
Yeah this is how my mine says it:

"Communication for me is the exchange of information may it be through  verbal or body language or through the use of understandable ways such as symbols, signs or through the use of technological instruments to deliver a message or data from the sender to the receiver may they be near or far from each other." ~ Jeffry C. Manhulad, IT

I hope it helped them with their assignment and won't be screwed by their professor. Hahaha


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