Monday, January 25, 2016

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My Most Memorable GDG Experience | Google Developer Group Cagayan de Oro

Giving away foods for the homeless at Divisoria Cagayan de Oro City. (Photo by Sir RJ Igdon)
Asked about the most memorable experience in GDG? That photo above says it all for me, that was during the first ever GDG CDO DevFest in 2013.

That event was filled not only with excitement, swags and free foods but also with knowledge for all the attendees who cares about new and innovative technologies offered by the Google Developer Community. At least that's just for the attendees, but the fact is during that big event, the GDG CDO community have developed us (volunteers) to be one of the best volunteers of the GDG community not only in the Philippines but also, in the SEA region.

The GDG CDO DevFest 2013 served as the testing and training ground for us volunteers to make such big events successful. There's a whole lot of turning points that happened during that time for us (as one of the volunteers) which shaped us and made us where we are now, and which made GDG CDO a unique community among others.
Take for example the photo above. That photo was taken after the dinner party. Because there's a bunch of foods left during the event at N Hotel, the volunteers asked the hotel staff to pack that up and brought it to the dinner party which later decided that we should go to the Divisoria to give that food away for the homeless. 
There's a whole lot of memorable experiences in GDG, but I find it the most memorable because this is where we've started, and this is where we've developed camaraderie not only with our co-volunteers but with the people around the community and the people behind the community who are exerting great efforts and spending their time without expecting any returns but for the community to prosper and help us catch up in this technology-driven era. They are the awesome and inspiring speakers during the events, and the community leads like Ma'am Josan Dometita and our ever-supportive and energetic mother Ma'am Chelle Gray, the community manager of GDG in Asia Pacific region--the mother of GDG in Southeast Asia.

We should be thankful to people like them, because the knowledge and experience we earn during these free and cool events is priceless and no one can take and use that but you, and your own self. 
Happy 3rd Anniversary Google Developer Group - Cagayan de Oro!

"I hope that the #GDG and #GDGCDO community will grow more (oh yes it does! We have now Sub-Chapters in Bukidnon, Iligan and Butuan!) and the people behind them will continue to help and bring cool speakers so we can have cooler #GDGCDOThrowBack in the future" ~ Jeffry C. Manhulad

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