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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Affordable Places to Stay near Mall of Asia Complex

If you're a person who likes to save or you're like me who has no other choice but to look for cheap places to stay with when visiting a new place where you have no other choice, chances are we ask for help from our friend Google hoping someone has listed the things we badly needed.

Since I have also been through this of finding affordable places to stay in Pasay City, especially near Mall of Asia or MRT/LRT Taft Avenue Stations, I will just list some of the cheap places I know and the ones I frequently suggesting to my friends every time they ask me for it during their visit here in Manila.
  • Queensland Hotel - Located at F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City. This is the nearest to MOA and cheapest place to stay I knew, I remember staying there with my Nanay just about over 600 pesos for 24 hours. The place is just a walking distance from EDSA Extension highway so just 1 ride to MOA via jeepney.
  • Mahal Kita Drive Inn - This is located just a walking distance from the Metro Point Mall at the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue near the MRT Taft and LRT EDSA also near LRT Baclaran or Taft Rotonda. Also one ride to MOA via a jeep or bus. This is also near the SOGO and Kabayan Hotel. For those who wants a taxi room I guess they offer it for a very affordable price. I haven't stayed there honestly but as per their poster I think you can stay for as low as 300+ pesos but for 4AM - 12NN I guess. So better check that out also.
I hope I can visit other near places so I can give more comprehensive list of cheap and nearest hotels or inns to stay in Pasay City.

(PS: I shared this because of my experience before when we've been here in Pasay City for an event where we came a day before the intended check-in at Kabayan Hotel which means we need to shoulder that night ourselves. Because we don't have budget we decided to look for cheap places to stay but couldn't find any and guess what, we ended up going to Antipolo City thinking it's just quit near hoping to stay at the Aunt of our companion but my other companions ended up staying in a much worst hotel there in Antipolo City and I stayed at my cousin. I think that wasn't worth the money and effort but we enjoyed the company though, not the stay. Had we known some of this places before we could have just stayed and rest rather that go through traffic.)
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Unsa man ang Coins.ph og nganong manghatag sila og P50.00 kanimo kung mag register ka?

248 PHP ang tanang reward nga akong nadawat gikan sa Coins.ph sa ilahang referral program

Sa panahon karon kinsa ba kaha kanato ang dili gusto og libre? Labi na gyud og kwarta daghan gyud kanato gusto og libre lisud na baya ang panahon grasya na gud na balibaran pa? Dili man sa ingon nga nawong ta og kwarta lisud baya mangita'g kwarta mao nga kung naay libre nganong balibaran gud :)

Pero amping lang gyud ta kay daghan raba mangingilad nga mga nawong og kwarta basin unya og kita mabiktima na lisud na.

Ako lang e share ang akong nahibalo mahitungod aning Coins.ph nga usa ka online wallet kay nagtoo ko nga kini nga serbisyo dako kaayo nig ikatabang kanato sa umaabot labi na gyud og daghan na ang mugamit niini.

Unsa man ang Coins.ph?

  • Kung sa English pa kini siya "Online Wallet" o sudlanan sa imong kwarta online aron maka transact ka sa ilang nagkalain-laing serbisyo pinaagi sa internet.
  • Pwede ka nga magpadala og kwarta sa imong pamilya o ni bisan kinsa nga LIBRE og walay bayad. Imagine nga dili naka muadto sa money remittance center sama sa LBC, Palawan or Cebuana ba kaha aron makapadala ka sa imong pamilya kay anaa na sa imong cellphone ang tanan? Isa ra ka pindot sa tudlo nilupad na ang kwarta unya libre pa? Mahal raba magpadala sa money remittance service maayo nalang ang 15 pesos o 30 pesos nga bayad sa pagpadala og 500 pesos. (Basaha kung unsaon pagpadala og kwarta sa imong pamilya nga libre gamit ang Coins.ph)
  • Pwede usab ka magbayad og imong balayrunon gamit ang Coins.ph pero sa karon pili palang ang mga biller nga pwede bayaran sama sa Meralco, Davao Light, Cotabato Light, Maynilad, SSS og uban pa sama sa Credit Cards, Broadbands (Smart, Globe, Sun etc), og daghan pang mga billers nga pwede nimo bayaran gamit ang imong account sa Coins.ph
  • Pwede usab ta mahimong loader sa cellphone sa bisan unsang network sama sa Smart, TM, Globe, TNT or Sun og dili pareha sa kung magpa load ta sa silingan nga ilang dugangan og 3 pesos, dinhi naa pa hinoon kay 5% nga mabalik sa imo so kung nagload kag balor 100 aduna kay makuha nga 5 pesos. Ayahay?
  • Og aduna pay bonus, manghatag sila og 50 pesos sa mga bag-ong users nga mag register sa Coins.ph gamit ang referral codes (kung wala kay referral code dili ka tagaan og 50 pesos). Ang naka nindot pa, dili lang ang nagparehistro ang tagaan og 50 pesos apil na usab ang nag refer, sa laktod nga pag estorya, kung nag register ka gamit akoang referral link (https://coins.ph/m/join/mljar9) makadawat kitang duha og tag 50 pesos og pwede ka usab dayon mag invite sa imong mga amigo og amiga aron ikaw usab makadawat og lahi na usab nga 50 pesos. Diba ayahay? (Unsaon pagsugod sa imong account? Basaha kini nga post)
Mao kini ang akong account karon aduna na lamang 1,700 nga sulod. Ginagamit lang nako pang load og pagpadala og kwarta sa akong Tatay.

Ang paborito nako nga gagamiton pagpadala kay ang Palawan kay barato lang. Pareho lang imong bayaran sa kung nagpadala ka nga niadto gyud ka sa Palawan, ang nakanindot lang kung nigamit ka og Coins.ph kay gahigda rakas imong katre samtang gapadala ka kaysa mamilite paka adtog palawan. Ayahay na ang buhay. HAHA.

Kamo nay bahala mag explore sa ubang features kay daghan pa mga serbisyo nila diha. Pangutana lang kung naa kay pangutana kay testingan nakog tubag kung makaya. 

Ayaw kalimti sa pag gamit og referral kung mag register man galing ka sa Coins.ph aron makadawat ka og 50 pesos sayang pud. Kung gamiton nimo akoang referral link mas maayo kay aron naa sab ko 50 pesos tagaan pa takag 20 pesos dugang basta ma verify naka og mapamatud-an nimo nga nigamit ka sa akong referral link og na verify ka hangtod June 30. 70 pesos tanan imong madawat. Deal? Mao ni ang referral link: https://coins.ph/invite/MlJAr9 pwede usab code lang "MlJAr9"  
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

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Securing our Coins.ph Account: How to spot phishing sites by looking at the link

Coins.ph has discussed 5 tips on how to guard ourselves from phishing on their blog and the number one tip reads "Look closely at the URL before you click"
Screenshot of a message I received containing a link to a phishing site with thumbnail that resembles the homepage of Coins.ph.

For me, if I were to also write some tips that would also be number one in my list because for me it's really the most important thing to do. Since Coins.ph didn't discuss more of that, I want to expound this and give some examples so we would better understand how to differentiate malicious sites from the legitimate one.

I want to focus on the URL or link as what we call it and give you examples with link identified as a phishing site and also legitimate coins.ph link and legitimate sites and discuss their differences.

  1. https://coinsph.wixsite.com/claimnow
  2. https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment
  3. https://coinsrewards.wixsite.com/5000php
  4. https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us
  5. http://coins.com/

My Question is, from the given 5 links, can you identify the legitimate link(s) of Coins.ph?

Let's dissect and discuss the basic parts of URLs using the link #2 "https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment"

Here are the basic parts of web links or URLs:

  • Protocol: https://
  • Sub-domain: app
  • Domain Name: coins.ph
  • Path: bills-payment
The most important thing to remember here is the domain name as that is the unique reference that identifies a website on the internet and that cannot be the same with anyone. Also, the domain name DOES NOT CHANGE WHEREVER YOU ARE NAVIGATING IN THE LEGITIMATE WEBSITE other parts changes. 
Take this another example: http://blog.coins.ph/post/124135233529/security-tip-how-to-guard-yourself-from-phishing

Look at the texts with red background. Is it the same with the domain name in the example given above? (basic parts example) Aren't they exactly the same? YES they are the same you are absolutely right! Is this link a legitimate coins.ph link? If you answered YES then you are correct because even though the sub-domain has changed and also the path, they are still under the domain name "coins.ph"

REMEMBER: protocol, sub-domain and path might change but if the domain name is the same, THAT IS STILL A LEGITIMATE LINK.

Here are other samples of legitimate Coins.ph links:
  • http://blog.coins.ph/post/124908532339/coinsph-account-extra-secure-with-two-step-verification
  • https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us/categories/202511708-Getting-started
  • https://app.coins.ph/user/
At this moment in time, you should now be able to tell the legitimate link(s) of Coins.ph from the 5 links given above? Give me the corresponding number. Is it only #5? or #2 and #1?

If your answer is only #2, then you are WRONG, if you chose #5 you are absolutely WRONG, only #4? Very WRONG. The correct answer is both #2 and #4 are the legitimate Coins.ph link. Why? Just look at the domain names of the given 5 links. I am highlighting each of their domain names in red.
  1. https://coinsph9.wixsite.com/claimnow
  2. https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment
  3. https://coinsrewards.wixsite.com/5000php
  4. https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us
  5. http://coins.com/
So you are asking me why #5 is not a legitimate Coins.ph link. The link #5 might be legitimate link but is certainly in a DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAME (coins.com) which made it not a legit Coins.ph link.

So that was it. I will be posting about social engineering soon so we will know how that kind of attack works so well to unsuspecting users like most of us.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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How to earn 50 pesos just by inviting someone to sign up?

Coins.ph is constantly surprising its users with great feature addition every now and then, and just recently, the 24 pesos referral reward is now up at 50 pesos both the referrer and the referred user.
Nope, I'm not the one giving you 50 pesos, it's actually Coins.ph :)
Although the referral reward isn't that easy to get because the referred user needs to get their ID and Selfie verified before they both get the 50 pesos, but it isn't bad for just inviting someone to join, anyway there's no other company or start up I know in the Philippines who's giving away that amount to their users.

Here's something to remember before signing up to Coins.ph:

  • If you're a new user and haven't signed up yet, you can get the 50 pesos signing up reward if and only if you have used a referral code during your sign up.
  • It's still fine to sign up without using someone's referral code, but you will only get 2 pesos (dalawang piso) as your sign in bonus after getting your ID and Selfie verification.
  • If you sign up using my (or someone's) referral code, you and I will both receive 50 pesos when you get your ID and Selfie verified
  • After you get verified, you can then use your referral code to invite your friends and earn your own bonus.
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How to withdraw cash from ATM faster and avoid queuing up

As much as I do, I know you also hate to withdraw cash from ATMs with lots of people queuing. This is getting normal especially in malls and other crowded establishments and much more if your bank is one of the biggest bank in the Philippines like BPI and BDO etc.

The good thing is there is absolutely a free and easy way on how we can avoid this long ATM lines and withdraw directly from the free and shorter queue ATM like Security Bank!
People queuing to withdraw cash from BPI and BDO ATMs 
In order for us to avoid long queues in getting our cash from ATMs, of course we must choose banks which are not yet used by many people, but there's a compromise with that, you might end up paying so much fees when withdrawing cash from other bank right?

The good news is that there is actually a service, an online wallet or virtual wallet which enables you to add funds online using various major banks in the Philippines such as BDO, BPI, Security Bank, and Union Bank and other easy choices of cash-in options for FREE! It's called Coins.ph, here's my review about Coins.ph and a guide on how you can sign-up.
Coins.PH, a company founded in the Philippines which enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone.
So what now if you can cash-in from your major bank into your virtual peso wallet?

Did I told you that you can withdraw cash from your Coins.ph wallet for free using Security Bank ATMs? Just look at the photo above, there's no one queuing up to get cash from a security bank ATM while other major banks has all the queues.

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Monday, January 23, 2017


This is my own way of the 52-week money challenge

Early this year, I introduced two ways on how I will make the 52-week challenge easier and innovative and one of my way of achieving that goal is, instead of letting my savings sit in my piggy bank and earn nothing out from that, I talked about investing it in buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC).

Investing our savings has risks especially when we decided to buy and sell BTC because it's a very volatile currency (cryptocurrency). It's not like buying and selling stocks where we earn dividends, your form of earning is solely just the profit when you buy low and sold your BTC when the price is higher.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Updated List of Cebu Pacific Promo and Piso Fare

Click here if you want to see promos of Cebu Pacific right from their website.

The only reliable source of looking for flight promos like piso fare of Cebu Pacific is by looking at their own website and not trusting other sources. I won't list all their promos here myself because the promos changes more quicker like they end 2 or 3 days and then replaced by other promos so this might get unreliable.

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Cebu Pacific Accepted Payment Centers

There are two categories of accepted payment centers to pay our airline ticket booking in Cebu Pacific. This is categorized based on the time allowed for your flight booking to be on-hold.

The first one is the payment centers where your itinerary booking is on-hold for 24 hours and the second is you pay on or before 11:59PM on the day of your booking so your booking is on-hold for a short period of time depending on what time of the day you book your ticket at Cebu Pacific Website.

Most of the time, I use the 24 hours because I will have more time to think and possible change my booking. Choose wisely because based on my experience, the reference number generated when you choose to Pay within 24 hours is different from the reference number when you chose to pay before 11:59PM, thus you can't pay them using the payment centers listed under the other choice.

Be always mindful to check what are the available payment centers on your choice to make sure you choose it right. Here are the two choices aside from paying using the accepted credit card in Cebu Pacific:
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

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How to Book Cebu Pacific Flight Online [Step-by-step guide with screenshot]

This step-by-step guide on how we can book our Cebu Pacific Flight Online used the new Cebu Pacific Flight Booking website. The new CebuPac website is on beta release as of the moment but the current website will be surely replaced sooner I supposed because the new CebuPac booking site is slick and simple and is more convenient to use.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

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Guide on How to Buy Train Ticket at the Ticket Vending Machine of Philippine MRT and LRT [with photos]

Traveling via train is still one of the most convenient and efficient way of wandering around places especially in huge cities and provinces like Manila if you don't have your own private cars and thus opted to commute.
Currently there are four lines of rapid transit systems continuously operating in Metro Manila such as the MRT Line 3 which runs along EDSA from Taft Avenue in Pasay City to North Avenue in Quezon City, the LRT Line 1 which runs from Baclaran Station of Paranaque City to Roosevelt Station in Quezon City, the LRT Line 2 runs from CM Recto in Santa Cruz Manila to Santolan Station in Marikina City, and the PNR Train which used to be the longest train system in the Philippines but stopped operations of most of its routes. 
Map of LRT and MRT Trains in Metro Manila as of 2015. From Wikimedia
Although buying tickets is still like lining up to catch a box office number one hit movie during rush-hours, you can still conveniently ride trains in the Philippines by having the stored value card which they call Beep Cards which can be used in MRT and LRT rides and some buses that roams in the metro, or instead of lining up in the ticket counter, buy instead at the ticket vending machinde (TVM) there's no much queue there for sure compared to the ticket counter.

Here's the Step-by-step guide on how you can buy Single-journey Train Ticket from the Ticket Vending Machine

  1. Select "Single Journey Ticket" if you don't have Beepcard yet, as the name implies it's a one-time-use ticket that you should return at your destination. You can also use the TVM to load your Beep Cards.
  2. Select your destination from the list of stations indicated by blue dots, the yellow dot indicates your current station, and when you tap your destination of choice, the color will changes to red, and finally tap the "Confirm" button to proceed.
  3. The TVM will then display the amount you must pay to get the train ticket, all you have to do is insert the money in the machine and wait for it to detect and read the bill you have inserted, sometimes it will reject certain money bills so better prepare other bills such as coins or use another bill instead.
  4. Wait for the process to complete and get your ticket and change if any. Click on the button "Reciept" if you want to have a copy of it and "OK" if not.
Remember the TVM also offers Tagalog Language for Filipinos to better understand it, but the default is English and I think the Tagalog is rarely used since majority of the Filipinos understands well and fluently speaks English.

Don't forget to be always ready when traveling in Manila and learn more about the train system and their respective stations and the tourists spots near them. Here are some links from Wikipedia to start on: MRT 3, LRT 1, LRT 2, and PNR.
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