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Monday, October 2, 2017

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How Pluggle Works: How Can I Earn Without Inviting Others?

Before joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company like Pluggle, it is important to know how the systems works and examine if it can really benefit you and whether the system is worth your every peso.
Image Source: Pluggle's FB Page
I supposed you have done your part in researching about Pluggle and reading reviews including pro and anti reviews, that will help you make an informed decision if you have not yet join the Pluggle craze and help you contemplate if you have paid Pluggle to activate your Pluggle account.

so you can decide whether Pluggle is a scam or legit

Let's get to the point, the question is can you really earn in Pluggle without inviting others? I am very sorry but the answer is a very big and bold NO as in NOPE and YOU CAN'T and I'm gonna explain why.

The Php 100 pesos Login Bonus is not yet an Earning

You were very excited to know that Pluggle gives you a shining 100 pesos per day by just logging into your Pluggle account right? Who doesn't love that bonus? You can't find any company even the richest internet company like Google giving away their users 100 pesos per day just to login, yeah?

Only Pluggle gives you that, and they call it "your earnings" and "a way to earn in Pluggle" but guess what, as long as you can't exchange that so-called earning with money or you can't use that earning to buy something, I guess it's not yet an earning? Am I wrong?

If you think it's already an earning, think again and ask yourself if you can already cash-out your 1,200 (12 days login bonus) in Pluggle?

Oh by the way I almost forgot the 100 pesos sign up bonus. So, without doing anything and without inviting someone to join you said you have earned in Pluggle a total of 1,300 pesos with your 1,000 pesos investment to buy the Pluggle activation code? Yes? OK I believe in you, yeah let's call it your earning.

Well, the truth is you have already gave your 1,000 pesos to the owner of Pluggle and their net worth increase a thousand but the so-called earning you boast is, well, actually just numbers in your account, yeah you're right your 1,300 so-called "earnings" are just numbers in the database of Pluggle and never will it be an earning to you, at least as of the moment.

Now, what's the choice left for you? Can you enumerate "ways to earn in Pluggle" at this time without inviting? Let's see this list of ways on how you can earn in Pluggle:
  • SignUp Bonus - you're done with this
  • Personal Login Bonus - also done
  • Group Login Bonus - need invitation
  • Follow Bonus  - need invitation
  • Levelling Bonus - need invitation
  • Pairing Bonus - need invitation
 Nope, nothing is left.

The only way left for you is invite someone at least 2 people to be one of you and of course let them pay a couple of thousand to Pluggle owner for you to get your investment and the story goes on to the next person you have convinced to pay Pluggle, don't worry, I know you only worry to yourself and how you can get your 1,000 pesos back, plus a profit, isn't it?

So You have invited 2 People to Join, Can You now Earn? Let's See

After inviting two person, the owner got 3,000 pesos from the three of you and you now have the following Pluggle "earnings":
  • 100 - sign up bonus
  • 1,200 - 12 days login bonus (if you have completed the 12 days)
  • 200 - 100 each for the person you have invited and activated the account
  • 400 - leveling bonus for your left and right
All in all you earn 1,900 pesos.

And oh! According to their FAQs, you can also earn 60 pesos bonus every time your underline logs in (group login bonus) but... your personal and login bonus should not exceed 1,300 pesos so granting you got the maximum, your total earning is now 2,000 pesos (if my understanding is right about their maximum earnings in personal login and group login bonus).

Thank God the hope is near.

2 Ways To Earn in Pluggle

Based on my understanding, there are only two ways to earn in Pluggle or 2 ways on how you can exchange your "earnings" into cash.

You can cash out your Pluggle earnings or use it to buy codes and sell to others who have not activated their account.

So you now want to get out of the scheme so you decided to just get your money and cash out all your Pluggle earning. The sad thing is the minimum amount to cash out is 2,500 pesos, which means your 2,000 pesos earnings isn't enough. Yeah they call it "safetynet" in their FAQs
"Ito ay isa sa safety feature (safetynet) ng program, para hindi malugi at masustain ang malaking payouts nito habang dumadami ang members"
Anyway, you have no choice but to buy codes which you can sell to people who wants to join. The codes, which are just unique numbers generated by Pluggle will be sold to you in exchange for your "earnings" and the only way for you to convert that to cash is sell that to others, which means they might also be your invitees.

You're safe now. Congratulations!

With your 1,000 pesos, you have doubled your money, in just about??? I don't know how long would it take for you to convince all in all 4 people to join Pluggle and the long story continues to the 4 you have invited. 

If they don't succeed in doing what you have done so far (invite 4 people to join Pluggle to get their money back plus profit), will they blame you for it?

Interesting question, I hope they won't blame you for their 1,000 pesos and I pray Pluggle won't get struck by the government regulators so that the 3 people you have invited can invite 4 other people to get their "investment" back.

Remember before you were able to get your 1,000 back plus 1,000 profit, Pluggle's owner got 3,000 pesos from the three of you which means he hadn't lose money with your profit. Both of you did get a profit to the expense of others. The difference is owner's profit is of course higher than you 200% Have you realized that?
Be careful. Your dignity is more than a thousand pesos. Don't bite easy-money schemes with doubtful claims especially those faceless and anonymous owners.
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

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Pluggle Review: A comprehensive compilation of reviews about Pluggle and How Pluggle Works

I've written about my 6 Reasons Why I Won't Join Pluggle and Why I'm Skeptical of it so if you want to read on that just follow that link.
pluggle review pluggle scam pluggle legit how pluggle works
Here, I want to give you a comprehensive compilation of reviews Pluggle received online on various platforms to help you decide on your take about Pluggle.

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt so I will be including PRO or ANTI reviews in this compilation.

A Detailed Explanation on How it is Not Possible to Earn in Pluggle without Inviting

The "PRO" Side Pluggle Reviews

1. Pluggle Review: How to Make Money From Pluggle [Legit?] from ProLazyDad.com - A typical testimonial review. The reviewer offers his referral link if you want to sign up. Also, What caught my attention was the reviewer's statements on how Pluggle caught their attention, and I quote:
"So, how did it catch [sic] my attention?
It caught my attention when I saw the name itself “Pluggle“.
By the time I visited their site, I noticed that their logo is similar to Google. I was really curious about it, and I can’t help but to register." ~ ProLazyDad.com
2. Pluggle Facebook Reviews - A lot of the people who reviewed Pluggle in Facebook at pro reviews especially those who gave 5 stars and maybe have already profited from their investments, just read on them because there are many of them and are typical testimonial-like reviews who never doubts as long as they can get their ROI and profit.

The "ANTI" Side Pluggle Reviews

1. How Pluggle System Works To Make Money Online – Pluggle Review from AlrenPages.com - Reviewer gave a detailed explanation on how members of Pluggle earns and the reviewer seems PRO from the start and is not completely against the system. He gave 80% verdict to Pluggle because of the signs he enumerated on why he think Pluggle is a scam.
"Kaya ang verdict ko dito sa pluggle na’to ay 80%. Dahil nga po sa mga nakita kong mga sinyalis na katulad ng isang scam na system.
Ano ba ang mga sinyalis?
Pag-tingnan niyo po ng mabuti ang kanilang website at sa ngayon sa pagsusulat kong ito, ay wala tayong makikitang name ng may-ari, legal documents, complete address at ang mga contact information.
Lahat ng mga iyan po ay mga pagpatunay, na ang may ari ay nagtatago upang sa ganon hindi siya makilala at hahabolin kung sakaling mag stop ang kanyang sistema. Sa ganong klasing website na wala ka pong makikita kung hahapin mo ang may-ari at hindi siya nagpakilala at kung taga saan siya, may kutob po ako na may plano siyang maging scam ang kanyang system sa huling pagkakataoon na marami na siyang naiipon.
Kaya, advice niyo po na sana magpakilala na kung sino ang may-ari kasali ang kanyag mga contact information kapag itong system na’to ay talagang hindi scam." ~ AlrenPages.COM
2.  Mikael Francisco's Pluggle FB Page Review - A very critical review on Pluggle's Facebook page. I like what he said "a business practically designed to collapse in on itself, with everything to promise and everyone to fool" because as far as my observation is concerned, the reviewer is right. I enumerated on my review the things I'm skeptical about Pluggle and as long as they are as cloudy as they are in Pluggle, this business model isn't really sustainable.
"Great job preying on people looking for a quick buck, in what is probably the absolute last nation in the world to need a pyramiding scheme like this. A "business" practically designed to collapse in on itself, with everything to promise and everyone to fool. The people who are currently earning from this unsustainable "business" "opportunity" may be ready to leap to your defense, but when this stops making money for them, watch them become the first ones to gnash their teeth and want to wring your neck for this. Brilliant work, "Alexis Palma." I wonder how you can sleep soundly at night, if you even do" ~ Mikael Francisco Reviewed Pluggle on Facebook
3. Pluggle Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Just Another Scam? from MarketingxTreme.net - Not very critical about Pluggle. On the first look I thought this is a pro review. I think the reviewer is also into MLM companies but didn't join Pluggle yet because he didn't offer any referral link. His verdict on Pluggle reads:
"With no real products or services to offer, this company has no way to continually bring in new income other than recruiting new affiliates…
But what happens when the initial hype dies down and recruitment numbers drop off?
Commissions will also decrease and affiliates will start losing money as their investments remain the same, but the ROI drops…
So, if you are thinking of joining this company, keep this in mind…" ~ MarketingxTreme.net
4. Pluggle Review – Is This The Opportunity You’ve Been Searching For? from JeremySmithsBlog.com - Reviewer is critical on Pluggle because he think a legitimate MLM company should always offer products and services for affiliates to market and sell and not just sell affiliate membership as a product. I also shared on my review why Pluggle's advertising is crap and nonesense like what the reviewer did here. Read on his conclusions on his review with Pluggle:
"There are a number of things I really don’t like about this opportunity. For starters they are trying to give the impression with their logo that they have something to do with Google. This is not the case at all.
On their website there is a list of companies that Pluggle supposedly works with though their advertising – this is nonsense.
This is nothing more than a pyramid recruitment scheme which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone." ~JeremySmithBlog.com
5. Pluggle Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System? from WebTrafficLounge.com - Reviewer gathered information and details so people can make informed decision as per stated on his review. Reviewer also reiterated that they are not affiliates or distributor for Pluggle. Reviewer warns that people must stay as far away as possible with Pluggle.
"A quick glance at Pluggle’s logo will quickly make it clear that the company is trying to ripoff Google.
Pluggle is trying to sell the idea that it exists within the niche of advertising, and there are a host of logos for legit businesses on the Pluggle website that are supposedly involved with it.
In reality, this is not the case.
There’s no mention of advertising through the Pluggle compensation plan, and the only thing that affiliates spend their time doing is recruiting more and more people to join.
As a result, this has Pluggle operating as a pyramid scheme.
Like you’ll find with all pyramid schemes, Pluggle will be no more once recruitment activity eventually dies down. Most people will end up losing out, and only Alexis Palma will earn anything of value.
In other words, this is scheme that you’ll want to stay as far away from as possible.~ WebTrafficLounge.com


Pluggle review online especially pro reviews with detailed and evidence-based explanations are hard to find that's why I have only listed a few of them because most of the pro reviews are in Facebook page, a whole lot of them and also other reviews are testimonials on how they earned and didn't touched much on the legitimate questions thrown against Pluggle. I want to see how will they answer those legitimate questions against Pluggle but as far as I'm concerned, pro reviews on Pluggle are also Pluggle affiliates who are also trying to convince you to join using their referral links.

On the other hand, critical reviews talks more on the doubtful claims of Pluggle and doesn't offer referral links for you to sign up. They talk more on the signs why they think Pluggle is a scam and doesn't operate on what it describes them to be.

PS: If you know more PRO or ANTI reviews please comment below so I can add them on this comprehensive list of Pluggle reviews to help others make an informed decision about Pluggle.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Pluggle Review: 6 Reasons Why I doubt Pluggle and Why I'm Not Joining

First thing first, I am not concluding that this Pluggle is a scam because as per my observation and as far as my knowledge is concerned, people including my close friends seems profiting from this scheme and got the money they invested into it in a short period of time, and with profit (although I'm sure the return of investment they got was paid by the people they invited and not from the company itself).
pluggle review pluggle scam pluggle legit how pluggle works
I think there's no doubt as to their legitimacy because, YES they are legitimate and are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines as PLUGGLE INC.

Are they scam? "Scam" is defined as a "dishonest scheme or a fraud", are they being dishonest? I think no because they intend to do what they say. Are they "fraudulent"? Fraud is defined as "wrongful or criminal deception intended  to result in financial or personal gain"? This is also vague but I think I was struck by the last part of the definition because there's a big possibility that this scheme is "intended to result in financial or personal gain" of the owner of Pluggle.

Anyhow, here are some of my observations as to why I'm doubtful about Pluggle and why I won't yet join this scheme, at least for now unless Pluggle will provide more information on these things.

For complete FAQs directly from Pluggle, you can read their publicly posted FAQs in Pluggle's Facebook page here and learn more about their compensation scheme

1. Pluggle's Logo is Kind of a rip off-of Google's

Pluggle's logo seem very similar to Google's logo. I don't know what's the purpose of the owner why they made their logo look similar to Google (as for their color) whatever the reasons be it seems a deliberate act to easily market this product by making their logo similar to an established online behemoth like Google. Here's something in relation to this first issue, a review from a foreginer.
"There are a number of things I really don’t like about this opportunity. For starters they are trying to give the impression with their logo that they have something to do with Google. This is not the case at all" ~ Jeremy Smith Blog

2. No Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Although they did made an effort to put link on their website of their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, clicking them won't take you somewhere but just their homepage. They even had state "by clicking get started, I agree to Pluggle's Terms of Use" with link on the words "Terms of Use" but takes you nowhere plus you can't even see where the hell is that "Get Started" button or link you are supposed to click? I hope they just remove that wordings because it's useless, how can you agree on nothing? Eh?

3. Social Media Partners includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo

In Pluggle's website, they listed these online behemoths as their "social media partners" Well this is interesting. I don't know how they define the words "partners" in their statement that these big platforms are their partners. I think in partnerships, both parties needs to agree on something, if so can Pluggle show documents or something regarding this partnerships and how does each help Pluggle? Or I'm right on assuming that they're just using these as an excuse and doesn't really do something on their business model (they are just users of this platforms like everyone of us) and the "partnership" is non-existent.

4. They claim to be an Advertising website but don't Display Ads or Sell Ads?

"Ito ay isang unique online marketing and advertising concept na kung saan araw araw ay binibisita, ginagamit at minomonitor ng mga members o users ang website kaya padami ng padami at pabigat ng pabigat ang traffic na na ce-create at ito naman ang dahilan kayat padami ng padami din ang mga advertisers" ~ from Pluggle's FAQs, posted in Facebook
Boasting about being a "unique marketing and advertising concept" I couldn't really understand what's unique with them because showing ads on your website has been used by many site owners and content providers long before. Like Google, they have their Adsense program where site owners can apply and be their partner to show Google Ads and in return, Google pays them a percentage like per ad clicks. This is one of the most popular way to earn online if you boast a heavy traffic on your site daily, same with YouTube, Adsense is also the program behind YouTube but in Facebook I am not really sure if they have the same program where they pay page owners? I don't think so.

While this specific model is a possible business model, this seems to be not what Pluggle is doing. Based on that statement, I expected that they are displaying Google Adsense Ads on their website but their website is so neat and clean, you can't see any ads displaying.

I really doubt where are their "advertisers"? I might just be wrong thinking that way but I hope they can expand more on this so people will better understand their business model in the advertising space.

5. Login to Earn. Fastest way to make Money?

This feature, according to a friend I talked to works only if your account is already activated, which means you've already bought an activation code from someone (a member). But according to a review I read from alrenpages.com, the maximum amount you can get from this so-called Personal and Group Logins is 1,300.

So it means if you have paid 1,000 for the code and activated your account and completed the 12 day login, your Pluggle Dashboard now has 1,200 for login bonus and 100 for sign up bonus with a total of 1,300 pesos.

So can you call that an income already? I think that isn't an income yet because remember you can't convert that to cash yet because the minimum cash-out is 2,500 pesos which means you must keep working to invite people, and that boils down to the fact that the so-called earnings ARE JUST NUMBERS IN PLUGGLE'S DATABASE and never an earning to you unless you can withdraw that right? This login to earn isn't really what it is because you can never withdraw this "earnings" yet unless you invite more people to join.

Read this entry on their FAQ (kind of vague explanation):
"Ang buhay ng ADS ay ang tinatawag na traffic. Magkakaroon ng mabigat na traffic kung maraming visitors ang website. Nagbabayad ang mga client advertisers sa advertising website at ito naman ang ibinabalik sa mga members o user" ~ from Pluggle's FAQs, posted in Facebook
I am not really sure what to call the "life of an ad" ("buhay ng ADS") in a website but I'm sure it's not traffic. I guess traffic is/are people visiting a website? The last sentence of the statement boils down back to my reason number 4 because I supposed they are paying back their visitors/users from the money they earned from their so-called non-existent advertiser based on my observation (or if they really do display ads kindly let me know because I haven't really seen ads on their site)

6. They are based in Malaysia and has already existed more than 5 years

According to the promotional/informational video I saw from one of its members, Pluggle is based in Selangor, Malaysia and has existed more than 5 years already, but the pluggle.com.ph has just started last April, 9, 2017. While they have provided their SEC registration certificate, I can't find any supporting documents on the claim that they are a legitimate entity in Malaysia so that's a question for now, I hope they can also provide a document from Malaysian Government regarding their claim.

Also, if Pluggle has really existed more than 5 years ago, why Google can't provide data of Pluggle before April of 2017 the date it said Pluggle expanded to the Philippines?

Search term "Pluggle" in Google Trends

The Verdict

This is actually quite familiar in the Philippines and a lot of my friends have joined it and they can prove this works because the money they already got back the money they invested plus a profit.

Even though a thousand pesos is not too much and is a tolerable amount to loose in an investment, I won't still join this scheme because, there's so much things to be doubtful of except for the money-back guarantee but still not worth to invest in. If the there's no change on and these observations and if they are still unclear of their place in advertising industry and profits only just by inviting someone to join, very soon this Pluggle might just collapse and get away with the money they get from people, and the so-called investors who've joined will get back to the persons who invited them in, that's what I'm thinking of for myself now if I join.
"Great job preying on people looking for a quick buck, in what is probably the absolute last nation in the world to need a pyramiding scheme like this. A "business" practically designed to collapse in on itself, with everything to promise and everyone to fool. The people who are currently earning from this unsustainable "business" "opportunity" may be ready to leap to your defense, but when this stops making money for them, watch them become the first ones to gnash their teeth and want to wring your neck for this. Brilliant work, "Alexis Palma." I wonder how you can sleep soundly at night, if you even do" ~ FB Review written by someone named Mikael Francisco
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Affordable Places to Stay near Mall of Asia Complex

If you're a person who likes to save or you're like me who has no other choice but to look for cheap places to stay with when visiting a new place where you have no other choice, chances are we ask for help from our friend Google hoping someone has listed the things we badly needed.

Since I have also been through this of finding affordable places to stay in Pasay City, especially near Mall of Asia or MRT/LRT Taft Avenue Stations, I will just list some of the cheap places I know and the ones I frequently suggesting to my friends every time they ask me for it during their visit here in Manila.
  • Queensland Hotel - Located at F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City. This is the nearest to MOA and cheapest place to stay I knew, I remember staying there with my Nanay just about over 600 pesos for 24 hours. The place is just a walking distance from EDSA Extension highway so just 1 ride to MOA via jeepney.
  • Mahal Kita Drive Inn - This is located just a walking distance from the Metro Point Mall at the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue near the MRT Taft and LRT EDSA also near LRT Baclaran or Taft Rotonda. Also one ride to MOA via a jeep or bus. This is also near the SOGO and Kabayan Hotel. For those who wants a taxi room I guess they offer it for a very affordable price. I haven't stayed there honestly but as per their poster I think you can stay for as low as 300+ pesos but for 4AM - 12NN I guess. So better check that out also.
I hope I can visit other near places so I can give more comprehensive list of cheap and nearest hotels or inns to stay in Pasay City.

(PS: I shared this because of my experience before when we've been here in Pasay City for an event where we came a day before the intended check-in at Kabayan Hotel which means we need to shoulder that night ourselves. Because we don't have budget we decided to look for cheap places to stay but couldn't find any and guess what, we ended up going to Antipolo City thinking it's just quit near hoping to stay at the Aunt of our companion but my other companions ended up staying in a much worst hotel there in Antipolo City and I stayed at my cousin. I think that wasn't worth the money and effort but we enjoyed the company though, not the stay. Had we known some of this places before we could have just stayed and rest rather that go through traffic.)
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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Unsa man ang Coins.ph og nganong manghatag sila og P50.00 kanimo kung mag register ka?

248 PHP ang tanang reward nga akong nadawat gikan sa Coins.ph sa ilahang referral program

Sa panahon karon kinsa ba kaha kanato ang dili gusto og libre? Labi na gyud og kwarta daghan gyud kanato gusto og libre lisud na baya ang panahon grasya na gud na balibaran pa? Dili man sa ingon nga nawong ta og kwarta lisud baya mangita'g kwarta mao nga kung naay libre nganong balibaran gud :)

Pero amping lang gyud ta kay daghan raba mangingilad nga mga nawong og kwarta basin unya og kita mabiktima na lisud na.

Ako lang e share ang akong nahibalo mahitungod aning Coins.ph nga usa ka online wallet kay nagtoo ko nga kini nga serbisyo dako kaayo nig ikatabang kanato sa umaabot labi na gyud og daghan na ang mugamit niini.

Unsa man ang Coins.ph?

  • Kung sa English pa kini siya "Online Wallet" o sudlanan sa imong kwarta online aron maka transact ka sa ilang nagkalain-laing serbisyo pinaagi sa internet.
  • Pwede ka nga magpadala og kwarta sa imong pamilya o ni bisan kinsa nga LIBRE og walay bayad. Imagine nga dili naka muadto sa money remittance center sama sa LBC, Palawan or Cebuana ba kaha aron makapadala ka sa imong pamilya kay anaa na sa imong cellphone ang tanan? Isa ra ka pindot sa tudlo nilupad na ang kwarta unya libre pa? Mahal raba magpadala sa money remittance service maayo nalang ang 15 pesos o 30 pesos nga bayad sa pagpadala og 500 pesos. (Basaha kung unsaon pagpadala og kwarta sa imong pamilya nga libre gamit ang Coins.ph)
  • Pwede usab ka magbayad og imong balayrunon gamit ang Coins.ph pero sa karon pili palang ang mga biller nga pwede bayaran sama sa Meralco, Davao Light, Cotabato Light, Maynilad, SSS og uban pa sama sa Credit Cards, Broadbands (Smart, Globe, Sun etc), og daghan pang mga billers nga pwede nimo bayaran gamit ang imong account sa Coins.ph
  • Pwede usab ta mahimong loader sa cellphone sa bisan unsang network sama sa Smart, TM, Globe, TNT or Sun og dili pareha sa kung magpa load ta sa silingan nga ilang dugangan og 3 pesos, dinhi naa pa hinoon kay 5% nga mabalik sa imo so kung nagload kag balor 100 aduna kay makuha nga 5 pesos. Ayahay?
  • Og aduna pay bonus, manghatag sila og 50 pesos sa mga bag-ong users nga mag register sa Coins.ph gamit ang referral codes (kung wala kay referral code dili ka tagaan og 50 pesos). Ang naka nindot pa, dili lang ang nagparehistro ang tagaan og 50 pesos apil na usab ang nag refer, sa laktod nga pag estorya, kung nag register ka gamit akoang referral link (https://coins.ph/m/join/mljar9) makadawat kitang duha og tag 50 pesos og pwede ka usab dayon mag invite sa imong mga amigo og amiga aron ikaw usab makadawat og lahi na usab nga 50 pesos. Diba ayahay? (Unsaon pagsugod sa imong account? Basaha kini nga post)
Mao kini ang akong account karon aduna na lamang 1,700 nga sulod. Ginagamit lang nako pang load og pagpadala og kwarta sa akong Tatay.

Ang paborito nako nga gagamiton pagpadala kay ang Palawan kay barato lang. Pareho lang imong bayaran sa kung nagpadala ka nga niadto gyud ka sa Palawan, ang nakanindot lang kung nigamit ka og Coins.ph kay gahigda rakas imong katre samtang gapadala ka kaysa mamilite paka adtog palawan. Ayahay na ang buhay. HAHA.

Kamo nay bahala mag explore sa ubang features kay daghan pa mga serbisyo nila diha. Pangutana lang kung naa kay pangutana kay testingan nakog tubag kung makaya. 

Ayaw kalimti sa pag gamit og referral kung mag register man galing ka sa Coins.ph aron makadawat ka og 50 pesos sayang pud. Kung gamiton nimo akoang referral link mas maayo kay aron naa sab ko 50 pesos tagaan pa takag 20 pesos dugang basta ma verify naka og mapamatud-an nimo nga nigamit ka sa akong referral link og na verify ka hangtod June 30. 70 pesos tanan imong madawat. Deal? Mao ni ang referral link: https://coins.ph/invite/MlJAr9 pwede usab code lang "MlJAr9"  
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

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Securing our Coins.ph Account: How to spot phishing sites by looking at the link

Coins.ph has discussed 5 tips on how to guard ourselves from phishing on their blog and the number one tip reads "Look closely at the URL before you click"
Screenshot of a message I received containing a link to a phishing site with thumbnail that resembles the homepage of Coins.ph.

For me, if I were to also write some tips that would also be number one in my list because for me it's really the most important thing to do. Since Coins.ph didn't discuss more of that, I want to expound this and give some examples so we would better understand how to differentiate malicious sites from the legitimate one.

I want to focus on the URL or link as what we call it and give you examples with link identified as a phishing site and also legitimate coins.ph link and legitimate sites and discuss their differences.

  1. https://coinsph.wixsite.com/claimnow
  2. https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment
  3. https://coinsrewards.wixsite.com/5000php
  4. https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us
  5. http://coins.com/

My Question is, from the given 5 links, can you identify the legitimate link(s) of Coins.ph?

Let's dissect and discuss the basic parts of URLs using the link #2 "https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment"

Here are the basic parts of web links or URLs:

  • Protocol: https://
  • Sub-domain: app
  • Domain Name: coins.ph
  • Path: bills-payment
The most important thing to remember here is the domain name as that is the unique reference that identifies a website on the internet and that cannot be the same with anyone. Also, the domain name DOES NOT CHANGE WHEREVER YOU ARE NAVIGATING IN THE LEGITIMATE WEBSITE other parts changes. 
Take this another example: http://blog.coins.ph/post/124135233529/security-tip-how-to-guard-yourself-from-phishing

Look at the texts with red background. Is it the same with the domain name in the example given above? (basic parts example) Aren't they exactly the same? YES they are the same you are absolutely right! Is this link a legitimate coins.ph link? If you answered YES then you are correct because even though the sub-domain has changed and also the path, they are still under the domain name "coins.ph"

REMEMBER: protocol, sub-domain and path might change but if the domain name is the same, THAT IS STILL A LEGITIMATE LINK.

Here are other samples of legitimate Coins.ph links:
  • http://blog.coins.ph/post/124908532339/coinsph-account-extra-secure-with-two-step-verification
  • https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us/categories/202511708-Getting-started
  • https://app.coins.ph/user/
At this moment in time, you should now be able to tell the legitimate link(s) of Coins.ph from the 5 links given above? Give me the corresponding number. Is it only #5? or #2 and #1?

If your answer is only #2, then you are WRONG, if you chose #5 you are absolutely WRONG, only #4? Very WRONG. The correct answer is both #2 and #4 are the legitimate Coins.ph link. Why? Just look at the domain names of the given 5 links. I am highlighting each of their domain names in red.
  1. https://coinsph9.wixsite.com/claimnow
  2. https://app.coins.ph/bills-payment
  3. https://coinsrewards.wixsite.com/5000php
  4. https://support.coins.ph/hc/en-us
  5. http://coins.com/
So you are asking me why #5 is not a legitimate Coins.ph link. The link #5 might be legitimate link but is certainly in a DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAME (coins.com) which made it not a legit Coins.ph link.

So that was it. I will be posting about social engineering soon so we will know how that kind of attack works so well to unsuspecting users like most of us.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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How to earn 50 pesos just by inviting someone to sign up?

Coins.ph is constantly surprising its users with great feature addition every now and then, and just recently, the 24 pesos referral reward is now up at 50 pesos both the referrer and the referred user.
Nope, I'm not the one giving you 50 pesos, it's actually Coins.ph :)
Although the referral reward isn't that easy to get because the referred user needs to get their ID and Selfie verified before they both get the 50 pesos, but it isn't bad for just inviting someone to join, anyway there's no other company or start up I know in the Philippines who's giving away that amount to their users.

Here's something to remember before signing up to Coins.ph:

  • If you're a new user and haven't signed up yet, you can get the 50 pesos signing up reward if and only if you have used a referral code during your sign up.
  • It's still fine to sign up without using someone's referral code, but you will only get 2 pesos (dalawang piso) as your sign in bonus after getting your ID and Selfie verification.
  • If you sign up using my (or someone's) referral code, you and I will both receive 50 pesos when you get your ID and Selfie verified
  • After you get verified, you can then use your referral code to invite your friends and earn your own bonus.
So it's better to use referral codes when signing up so you can maximize the incentives given by Coins.ph.
Update: The 50 pesos reward is only until January 31, 2017
If you are now interested to sign up to Coins using my code, just click this link or use the code by copying and pasting mljar9
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How to withdraw cash from ATM faster and avoid queuing up

As much as I do, I know you also hate to withdraw cash from ATMs with lots of people queuing. This is getting normal especially in malls and other crowded establishments and much more if your bank is one of the biggest bank in the Philippines like BPI and BDO etc.

The good thing is there is absolutely a free and easy way on how we can avoid this long ATM lines and withdraw directly from the free and shorter queue ATM like Security Bank!
People queuing to withdraw cash from BPI and BDO ATMs 
In order for us to avoid long queues in getting our cash from ATMs, of course we must choose banks which are not yet used by many people, but there's a compromise with that, you might end up paying so much fees when withdrawing cash from other bank right?

The good news is that there is actually a service, an online wallet or virtual wallet which enables you to add funds online using various major banks in the Philippines such as BDO, BPI, Security Bank, and Union Bank and other easy choices of cash-in options for FREE! It's called Coins.ph, here's my review about Coins.ph and a guide on how you can sign-up.

Coins.PH, a company founded in the Philippines which enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone.
So what now if you can cash-in from your major bank into your virtual peso wallet?

Did I told you that you can withdraw cash from your Coins.ph wallet for free using Security Bank ATMs? Just look at the photo above, there's no one queuing up to get cash from a security bank ATM while other major banks has all the queues.

Why would you endure queuing up if there's a way to get away with it and it's absolutely free? The reason maybe why we love to endure long queues just to get money from our bank's ATM is because there's no charge when we use them, because as we know it, of course the 10+ peso inter-banking withdrawal charge of other banks is already a savings, right? But with Coins.ph, it's just a finger tip away and you're done with the long queue.

That is just one of the convenient services provided by Coins.ph and there's a whole lot more such as paying your utility bills, internet and broadband, credit cards, tuition fees, buy loads of Smart, TNT, Globe, TM or Sun, send money thru any major money remittances in the Philippines and many many more to explore, wait, there's actually a bonus from Coins.ph when you invite someone to sign-up and get ID verified, this is the only company who gaves away cash to both the invited and the referrer as incentives for inviting someone, and the 24 pesos reward for both isn't bad. (Update: They are giving 50 pesos already and not 24 pesos! Wow.)

You're free to register without using any referral though, but you will not be receiving the 50 pesos reward. So better use my Coins.ph referral code so we both receive 50 pesos. You can read more from other sources if this information is not enough :)

PS: My referral code is mljar9 or click this link directly https://coins.ph/invite/mljar9

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Monday, January 23, 2017


This is my own way of the 52-week money challenge

Early this year, I introduced two ways on how I will make the 52-week challenge easier and innovative and one of my way of achieving that goal is, instead of letting my savings sit in my piggy bank and earn nothing out from that, I talked about investing it in buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC).

Investing our savings has risks especially when we decided to buy and sell BTC because it's a very volatile currency (cryptocurrency). It's not like buying and selling stocks where we earn dividends, your form of earning is solely just the profit when you buy low and sold your BTC when the price is higher.
Of course risk isn't the only one attributed to investing, if you'll not gonna end up losing or break-even, for sure you'll gonna be profiting and that's the great thing about it because instead of letting our money sit for a year, we've taken the risk and made more of them.

The year 2016 was promising to BTC because when I started buying and selling BTC last August, I was able to profit 5% of my money in just a month. Back then, the price was still at 26,000+ pesos per BTC and it soared close to 57,000 pesos early this year, and plunge down back to 35,000+ during the second week of 2017, that's how volatile BTC is.

I think BTC isn't really for long-term investment so if you decided to proceed, do it at your own risk.
I made a Google Spreadsheet to monitor my 52-week saving challenge. If you want to have a copy of it I've provided the link below you can download it and modify it for your use. If you don't know how the 52-week money challenge work, it's also good to read my other post and download the 52-week saving challenge spreadsheet calculator so you will know how much you can save with a certain amount at the end of the year saving using this challenge.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Updated List of Cebu Pacific Promo and Piso Fare

Click here if you want to see promos of Cebu Pacific right from their website.

The only reliable source of looking for flight promos like piso fare of Cebu Pacific is by looking at their own website and not trusting other sources. I won't list all their promos here myself because the promos changes more quicker like they end 2 or 3 days and then replaced by other promos so this might get unreliable.

My advise to you is head over to cebu pacific's website and look if there is currently a promotion and some other promo codes or the next month like December which is a very busy month and then take note of the "Travel Period" indicated so that it can fit your next travel schedule, that is the most important thing to do when looking for cheap flights, also take a look at the end date of the promo so you can avail their discounted ticket while it's not too busy, avoid booking 11th hours as the website might be slow due to heavy traffic.

I have embedded here their website so we can have the most updated lists of promos. Click here to go to Cebu Pacific's Most Updated List of Promo Fares.

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