Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Affordable Places to Stay near Mall of Asia Complex

If you're a person who likes to save or you're like me who has no other choice but to look for cheap places to stay with when visiting a new place where you have no other choice, chances are we ask for help from our friend Google hoping someone has listed the things we badly needed.

Since I have also been through this of finding affordable places to stay in Pasay City, especially near Mall of Asia or MRT/LRT Taft Avenue Stations, I will just list some of the cheap places I know and the ones I frequently suggesting to my friends every time they ask me for it during their visit here in Manila.
  • Queensland Hotel - Located at F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City. This is the nearest to MOA and cheapest place to stay I knew, I remember staying there with my Nanay just about over 600 pesos for 24 hours. The place is just a walking distance from EDSA Extension highway so just 1 ride to MOA via jeepney.
  • Mahal Kita Drive Inn - This is located just a walking distance from the Metro Point Mall at the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue near the MRT Taft and LRT EDSA also near LRT Baclaran or Taft Rotonda. Also one ride to MOA via a jeep or bus. This is also near the SOGO and Kabayan Hotel. For those who wants a taxi room I guess they offer it for a very affordable price. I haven't stayed there honestly but as per their poster I think you can stay for as low as 300+ pesos but for 4AM - 12NN I guess. So better check that out also.
I hope I can visit other near places so I can give more comprehensive list of cheap and nearest hotels or inns to stay in Pasay City.

(PS: I shared this because of my experience before when we've been here in Pasay City for an event where we came a day before the intended check-in at Kabayan Hotel which means we need to shoulder that night ourselves. Because we don't have budget we decided to look for cheap places to stay but couldn't find any and guess what, we ended up going to Antipolo City thinking it's just quit near hoping to stay at the Aunt of our companion but my other companions ended up staying in a much worst hotel there in Antipolo City and I stayed at my cousin. I think that wasn't worth the money and effort but we enjoyed the company though, not the stay. Had we known some of this places before we could have just stayed and rest rather that go through traffic.)


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