Friday, April 22, 2016

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Why Indigents Like Me Supports Leni Robredo

The Sumilao Farmers marching from
Sumilao, Bukidnon to Manila to
Reclaim their Ancestral Lands. (Source)
My first glimpse of the kind of leadership the Robredos had was during the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers in Baguio City which was attended by different student leaders from all over the country back in 2010 when I was fourth year high school student.

There was this one song and video that has been repeatedly played during the event that I can't forget the lyrics which points out to the late great Mayor Jesse Robredo, it says "May kilala akong Mayor, May palabra de honor" with a picture and a caption "Jesse Robredo, Naga City Mayor"

The song is a kind of tribute to the people who have played great role in building our nation that student-leaders like us should follow. It also reminded us about the bad things some leaders committed that should be followed and shouldn't be the role model of us young leaders. The title is "Ehemplo" it was written by Fr. Albert E. Alejo , SJ and is composed by Dodge Fernandez. (I'm sharing the video below)

When I heard the death of the late Mayor and Interior Secretary Jess, I was sad as I knew he could have done more serving the Filipino people as the DILG Secretary.

But there was sigh of hope as his widow accepted the challenge of continuing the tsinelas leadership they have started.

I was even more thrilled as Leni accepted the challenge to run as Vice President, the second highest position in the land for the coming 2016 national elections.

From the very beginning when she declared her bid I was 100% sure she'll get my vote and I would throw my support for her in my own simple way.

Back in January 2016, we got problem in the province regarding our ancestral land so I started searching for remedy on how we can solve it and how we can ask for help. Because I am not there physically, I exhausted all my efforts writing letters and using social media to help my fellow Indigents who now feel hopeless.

I wrote an article at rappler asking for advise from Attorneys and also other groups who are helping Indigents like us.

Luckily, there were group of Attorneys from Balaod Mindanao reached out and I was able to meet some of them in Manila for my concern, and also a group of lawyers called SALIGAN reached out and answered my questions in email with an advise to visit any of their offices. There was also some helpful people who offered cash from abroad to help us. I can now feel the hope so we keep the fight on.

Later did I know that these groups are one of the people behind the Sumilao Farmers' success in 2007 and Leni Robredo is also one of the Lawyers that volunteered for the Sumilao Farmers who walk a thousand Kilometer from Sumilao, Bukidnon to Manila to reclaim their Ancestral Lands.

Then, I realized Leni has already been a public servant even before she became a politician, and that she has always lived the tsinelas leadership we saw from her late husband, and now she is ready to bring it to all Filipinos.

I have always believed that people empowerment has a great role in nation-building as we often hear in every leadership trainings.

I would always do my share for Leni, to let others know of the good things she has done for the people, not just for the Indigent/Lumad Sumilao Farmers but also the masses and the people we call "nasa laylayan" who deserves great leaders who can empower them to help build the nation.

Jeffry Manhulad. Lumad/Manobo
Of Bukidnon. 100% for
Leni Robredo
To my fellow Manobos, and fellow Lumads of Bukidnon:
"Sulad ko na Manobo way Lumad ta Bukidnon, ugopan ta si Leni Robredo iring ta kad ugop din ta mga sulad taw na Lumad ta Sumilao"
#LeniIsMyVP #LabanLeni #VPLeniDay
Sumilao Farmers to March not for Land but for Robredo
Sumilao farmers march again, this time for Leni Robredo


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